Cake Pop Classes

Screenshot 2015-06-20 at 9.14.09 AMI am the owner of a teeny tiny cake pop business called Bondbons.  I also teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced cake pop classes at Sweet Baking Supply in Lawrence and Topeka.  Click here to see the class schedule.

When you take one of my classes you will:

  • receive a recipe + instruction sheet for making cake pops
  • learn how to melt chocolate and get it smoothphoto (85)
  • learn how to roll, dip, and decorate
  • make and take home 8 cake pops
  • receive 10% OFF your purchase at the the shop that day
  • receive a 10% OFF coupon from Bondbons
  • have fun!

These classes are great for:

  • anyone who wants to learn cake pop basics
  • anyone who wants to advance their skills
  • a date with your child
  • ladies’ night out
  • a date with your sweetie
  • making new friends
  • having fun!

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